1/13/2011 (10:48pm)

RAHHHHHH venting about men.


This has many secret motivations as to why I’m writing this, but some shit has come up and frankly I’m going to lose it. I complain and bitch and moan about not being able to find a guy. But the ones that want me I have no interest in. Maybe because I don’t find them attractive? Maybe I lose interest? Maybe I want someone else? I don’t fucking know. All I know is that I’m currently poking holes in my wall with thumbtacks over and over and over and over because I know better than to go doing something really stupid over a man. I know better. Right? Then why can’t I just take what I’m getting and be happy? I’m on a dating site for Christ’s sake because I can’t find men. I’ve been on it for quite some time, and talked to a few people and met up with Dylan on it. And I got scared. He was actually really cool, but I think I wanted someone else, or I simply wasn’t used to having something I wanted be right in front of me. We stopped talking. Now I’m talking to a few guys through this site, and I just can’t bring myself to like any of them. I think I’m pickier than I thought, when I should be the most desperate girl on this entire planet. 

There was Scott (name has been changed), who I didn’t even realize liked me until like yesterday. In the beginning of my sophomore year of college, he lived on my floor but we weren’t the best of friends. Thought nothing of it, after awhile he got a girlfriend. But Facebook has this feature where you can view old status updates, and he used to write all these little things on it. Like I wrote one status saying “I’m the girl that’s gone bad,” relating to some song. He liked it, and commented saying he liked it. Another status said my roommate was gone and I was lonely. He replies saying “I’ll be right there.” Umm, last time I checked most guys didn’t do that. Now we see each other and hardly acknowledge one another, which sucks because he was pretty cool. Once again, I lose and he’s desperately in love with his girlfriend. 

Nathan (name also was changed) was mentioned in the broken heart post. I didn’t realize he liked me. I mean, I kiss people because it’s fucking fun. I like to kiss people. But it never occurred to me someone could want to kiss me because I was their type and they liked me. Now he has a girlfriend, closer to his type, but I know I could be a better choice. Now I just gotta pretend everything’s okay even more, especially now that we don’t say hi or talk anymore…


Dear Jenny,

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awww thank you sunshine :)

but i think that you’re even more amazing. and i don’t really use this blog except for serious venting ahaha. the other one im liking better :)

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All I Want Is True Love

I’m gonna be patient. I’ve been good all year…

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Now I can be cool.

Damn sandcastles.

Funniest thing ever.